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New Zealand Decriminalization Went TOO far!
11-03-2011, 05:11 PM
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New Zealand Decriminalization Went TOO far!
I would like to comment on this comment.
New Zealand and Australia did not go too far.
In New Zealand a "brothel" (this is a legal defintition not common usage) more often called a SOOB if it is a residential area is limited to 4 girls and they must all be independant workers. They are not supposed to have a boss but in fact usually one person runs the house and looks after supplies etc.
They do not need to be registered, a registered brothel is not allowed in a residential area. If a brothel is registered it can have as many girls as it wants but it must apply to the local council for consent.
The Councils dont like the SOOBs because they have no control, the control of a SOOB is at a national government level at carried out by the Health department of the national government.
Australia is similar but only one girls is supposed to work in the SOOB and they can have one male for security.

Sexinnz New Zealand Working Girl information
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