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Las Vegas Prostitution Crackdown
02-23-2009, 01:29 AM
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Las Vegas Prostitution Crackdown
Las Vegas Prostitution Crackdown and Media Treatment
02/18/09: Sunday's Review-Journal ran photos of 24 women charged with prostitution or crimes related to prostitution. It was a part of a larger story about a Las Vegas police crackdown on sex industry workers,.

News outlets have run similar photos in past decades. But in the era of Facebook and Google, are these women at greater risk to their personal safety because of the published photos? We discuss the police crackdown and the RJ's decision to run the pictures.

From Fox News 88.9 KNPR Radio show available at including the guy that thinks it is such a big moral deal that effects society - none of this victimless crimes stuff - it is a serious social issue per the editor that published the photos.
Top 50 hookers in Vegas?
Feb 16 2009
Just as the mayor was agitating to legalize prostitution downtown, the police have begun one of the most elaborate crackdowns on hookers in the history of the Strip. The program is called VETO (Vice Enforcement Top Offenders) and has gathered up the names of the 50 women whom police describe as "the most prolific prostitutes" in Vegas.

The Review-Journal has a partial list with photographs of the women here. But there are some problems. First you will notice that a number of women have been charged with trespassing or loitering and not prostitution. The casinos have banned the women and they returned. Prostitution was not directly involved in most of the arrests the program is taking credit for making. And that points to the main problem with VETO: It is only touching on one small part of the illegal prostitution that is everywhere in Vegas. These hookers are the ones who hang out in hotels looking for customers, and therefore are the most visible prostitutes to tourists; they are the Strip version of streetwalkers. For that reason this reeks of being a show pony for media rather than a serious attempt to really crack down on the activity.

For example, nothing in this program is meant to catch casino hosts who supply high rollers with hookers for kickbacks from the hookers. Also, there is a huge and thriving Internet community of escort prostitutes who work through websites that even contain consumer reviews by customers that also escapes targeting by this program.

The Internet escorts, like the prostitutes who work with casino hosts, do not loiter at a resort or search for customers at the casino but are already going to meet the john through arrangements made by phone and e-mail.

VETO therefore is really only targeting the women who show up at a casino looking for customers. There are plenty of them. But they are probably not, as advertised by police, "the most prolific" prostitutes in Vegas. And what they do is just a tiny part of the illegal prostitution that takes place on the Strip daily and nightly.

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