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Chicken Ranch: Penthouse to porn to prostitute
02-23-2009, 01:28 AM
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Chicken Ranch: Penthouse to porn to prostitute
Chicken Ranch: Penthouse to porn to prostitute
LA Times 2/20/09
Article about saphire who had appeared in Penthouse did pron and now plans to work at the ranch for 12 years and then start a business creating period clothing for folks who reenact the Civil War or go to Renaissance fairs. She also going to University of Nevada. Article has picture and says: Unlike most of the other women here, Saphire is completely not fussy about how I photograph her. There was no quick change into a sexy outfit or even checking her hair in the mirror. "I don't want to look like a generic girl. I've accepted that I am not going to fit any typical stereotype of how we should look. I sell my personality. I like prostitution better than porn because the customers here that I meet are much more interesting than the people on porn sets."

Response in comments:
She's my room mate here at the ranch.
We share a common hall way and a common wall where we can sometimes hear each others deep felt laughter during a party. We both came from porn at one time or another and we both find negociateing sex as legal consideration in a contract much more fun on this side of the border.

For instance: we get to have a bed at the ranch, we get to move about freely without worrying about camera angles, we get to enjoy the many global characters that come to visit us who are remarkably similar to the ever changing animals on a merry go round and we never know which one is going to come around the corner next, we get to have a home made hot chocolate chip cookie and a comforting outdoor spa tub session under the clean Nevada sky after a party. Yes, this is a career move for us both. It is a form of horizontal integration across the adult industry. It is far from a spiral down but instead a positive step.

Besides all that where else can a single female go to have a relaxing resort style vacation, great home made meals served every day, a gym and tanning bed, socialization, game nights, and male companionship all in one place and get paid to do it?

There are some other great blog entries many by workers at the Chicken Ranch at

On the recent debate about legalizing prostitution in Las Vegas as in outstate counties to raise tax revenues, it seems a dead issue for now. Mostly due to the 'morality" opposition in the Nevada Legislature. As one writer who seems to express the anti view says, "It's about as morally backward an idea as I've heard. It's the depth of desperation -- even in a recession. ... It's ethically bankrupt, a real sellout in a state whose lawmakers, with a few exceptions, haven't mustered the collective will to tax businesses and banks and big mining."

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