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NaughtyReviews- Dave's Review and Comments
05-13-2013, 12:29 AM
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NaughtyReviews- Dave's Review and Comments
From Phoenix Private List 5/12/13:

NaughtyReviews- Dave's Review and Comments
I have looked at and occasionally posted on their forum and heard Naughty mentioned often but I never really looked into its nooks and crannies until I submitted two strip club reviews a few days ago and got full membership.

Once getting use to the layout I really like it and was surprised to see how many companions/escorts (all over U.S. and Canada) especially in Phoenix are listed and have reviews. And it has a big strip club and massage section also and reviews. Not the huge numbers as on TER, but a much better layout in my view, lower LE risk and not the rules of TER basically requiring explicit high risk sex to be accepted or for good "score" whether it occurred or not.

The main Phoenix escort page is at with many escorts (about 1200 going back about 4 years so obviously some not current.)

I like the feature that you can easier sort with thumb nail pictures by newest updates (by escort often ads), newest added, newest reviewed, most reviewed and online now.

Most include location info, of course hourly rate (would never respond to ad if didn't know rate far less LE risk than have to call and discuss) websites etc. all easy to see (assuming escort includes).

You can see a lot for free without having to pay for VIP membership and it remembers your default city and takes you there when you log in or change to another sections (cookie I assume).

In my view the Naughty site is far safer than TER with its monitoring by LE, reviews used as evidence in police reports etc. I have not heard of any confirmed Phoenix stings on the board - one suspected but only one in many years that I have heard vs many on TER and of course BP. Just stay within the law and never discuss anything sexual for money or bad words in ads or websites.

With a large database and probably far less support people than TER there are a few obvious issues such as Marvelous Marlene main page showing 10 reviews all on 4-19-2013 but if you go to them they are dated wrong - as shown probably correctly in reviews from different people and dates. But that was the only real error I found in some browsing and research.

Lots of other cities have good activity - I was amazed to see all the escorts from my old favorite cities of Hamilton and Niagara Falls, Canada. Toronto agencies (zillions of them and legal) and independents now typically in the $250/hr range but many in Hamilton and the Falls $160/hr same as when I was a frequent visitor for many years in the summer. The atmosphere so different when escorts have no legal issues to worry about.

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