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French prostitutes protest against brothels plan
03-25-2010, 05:34 PM
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French prostitutes protest against brothels plan
French prostitutes protest against brothels plan

25th March, 2010 - French prostitutes against a plan to legalise brothels have marched through Paris' Left Bank to show their objections to the proposal, claiming it would deny them the freedom to work on their own...some carrying signs that read: "You sleep with us, you vote against us."

The proposal is to reopen brothels in a bid to move sex workers off the streets and give them medical, financial and legal protection.

"We are workers and we want the choice to work as we want," said Thierry Schaffauser, a 27-year-old sex worker from Paris who now lives in London. "For doctors, they can work for a company or they can be independent. I think the importance is to let people choose how they want to work."

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