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02-11-2009, 02:56 AM
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Congrats to GLENDALE POLICE - Well Done Felony Stop and caught bad gals... No, not sexworkers!

Other than of course enforcement of private consenting adult prostitution laws I am very supportive of police against real crimes. I even use to be in the Police Reserves decades ago in a Minneapolis suburb.

This week my landscape guy ® had a bunch of stuff stolen out of his van while it was parked at a nearby huge Church parking lot. He didn't realize the theft until a friend called me and I told him. A girl had called someone on his speed dial © from his stolen cell phone who called me. They wanted to meet at C's place in 30 minutes wanting money for the return of the stolen items.

R is at my place maybe 20 minutes away from C's and he wants to dash over. I convince R that we should notify the police but he is concerned that if there are police cars in area may spoke the thieves.. He dashes off after I give him my cell phone and he will call 911 when he has a license number and will try and follow after the exchange is made. He dashed off and I call 911 to alert and ask best way to handle it. Talk with very helpful 911 operator. They want to have R call and arrange to meet officers a few blocks away. They would try and get unmarked units to the area. R knows C's house well but doesn't recall the exact address just cross streets. But than I think and 911 confirms its in Glendale and of course since I am in Phoenix I'm talking to Phoenix 911. I try and reach Rt to tell him to call Glendale 911 once he gets in Glendale but he hasn't turned my cell phone on yet.

I call back C from my caller ID wanting to get exact address, but he seems spooked that the police may be involved and wants me to forget about it etc. That makes me wonder if C is in on the scam - but it turns out no, and he works great with Glendale PD.

Later R tells me what happened. 2 gals and a guy get the ransom money from C but refuse to give him the goods and one shoves him and pulls a knife. They leave and C joins up with R who is parked in the alley behind C's. They call 911 and tell what happened. It seems the shove with a knife in hand is grounds for a felony assault with a deadly weapons charge and Glendale immediately does a massive response with R/C giving license number and location as they follow far enough behind to try and not be spotted.

After traveling quite a ways, 911 tells R to back off further as police units speed by him to make the stop and all of a sudden he sees six-seven police units converging and stopping the car. He also sees as units approach from behind the suspects must have spotted them and toss a bag out the window. He tells 911 and police latter tell him they found the bag from his good description of location and it had "drug stuff" in it.

From my police background typically what happens is units converge to the area on parallel side streets and from both directions, probably with flashing lights until close enough to be seen, but no sirens - not to alert the suspect. Depending on the geography, traffic and number of units available they may shut down traffic behind but far enough back so they can't be seen and they will sometimes stop traffic far ahead coming the opposite direction. In a classic "felony stop" they will converge from different directions at once and jump out of police cars with guns drawn and of course don't want any non police traffic going by and potentially in danger.

When I had my old office near 32nd Street and Indian School I usually had my police scanner going at night and heard lots of things since I was in a relatively high crime area. Bank robbers where especially interesting to hear how they were lining up on to surprise because they had no idea that bank tellers slip a very tiny "device" in with the bills that sends out a tracking signal. It is like the hidden Lowjack in my car which if stolen can be activated and guide the police to it! In my new place near Lookout Mtn its quite a change - so quiet, no traffic noise, no police helicopters every day or so like before, just birds singing and an occasional small airplane heading for Deer Valley Airport. I can see both the inbound and outbound air traffic corridors from Sky Harbor, but the planes are so high, while I can see their lights at night I can not hear them.

Pardon my long winded diversion..... typical Dave Smile

Following perfect procedure after they arrest the suspects they keep R/C back about half a block so not to have any direct contact with suspects. This preserves potential identification if needed in a line up. They find lots of what they believe are stolen goods in the car including the items stolen from R. He signs a quickly written police report. The stolen good have to be booked as evidence but they tell him he can come to the police station the next day and claim it and the money stolen from him (this becomes another story) . One officer says he should apply to be a police officer he did so well. Another has some connection with a security firm and gives him someone to contact (he is looking for work and is ex military - Marines I believe - and in VERY good shape.)

Next day he claims property but no money.... and police tell him all about what is going on. They are being held with no bail, implies they have a long criminal record and may be suspects in similar cases. BUT they think one of the two gals hid his money and perhaps drugs in a "body cavity." The police can do a strip search but the can't..."penetrate" inside the body. The two women are being held together in an "observation cell" separately from the man. They can hear and see everything they do but they may not realize that. They want to see if they "expel" any money or drugs and will call R if they recovery any money.

What started out a a very minor theft (I was debating even if worth calling the police since the ransom demanded was only $50 but I don't like crooks!) But the shoving C with a knife in bad guys/gals hand escalated it to a felony, and the police rattled off a long list of other charges they were held on, for drugs, conspiracy, theft by deception? as well as the felony assault with a dangerous weapon, and others.

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02-17-2009, 11:23 PM
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a coochie cash stash ?

ouch Sad
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