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The Backpage fight for escort ad sites in the U.S.
06-19-2019, 01:56 PM
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The Backpage fight for escort ad sites in the U.S.
The link below is to an excellent article by an attorney/reporter that use to work for the Backpage founders who are from Phoenix. The article gives their long history and their determination to win their legal case.

They are fighting for the right to publish consenting adult ads vs. the fake hysteria about sex trafficking and the idea that all sexwork is an abuse of women.

Even if Fosta-Sesta is one day ruled unconstitutional, as many legal scholars expect, government officials have shown that they’re willing to subvert Section 230 in other ways. If backpage loses — if the asset seizures stand and the Travel Act charges stick—prosecutors will have a valuable new weapon to wield.

They remain convinced that the furor over sex ads is a moral panic, irrational and hysterical, cynically stoked by politicians and law enforcement. And they’re not about to surrender.

Dave notes, I recall that our Liberated Christians couples group was featured on the front page of New Times (which they owned). At the time it was the largest secondary newspaper in Phoenix.

I first became interested in sexwork since we had such a huge response from the New Times extensive article from single men and we had nothing to offer them since we were a Christian couples group.

The front-page caption was "O Come all Ye Faithful - Strange bedfellows: Valley's Christian Swingers combine sex and scripture"
The article is humorous and sensational (like our comments about vibrating nipple clamps) to get attention,

Related to sexwork, I wrote a White Paper "Common Prostitution - Not a Biblical Conflict."
I and sometimes with co-founder theologian, Bill were speakers at the huge national Lifestyles conventions (swingers) on "Swinging Christians - Not a Biblical Conflict." Although we were more into relationships more than just the "recreational sex" of "swinging." Tapes of our presentations were available from Lifestyles for many years and conventions filled over 1000 hotel rooms. However, it looks like they ceased after 2013.

1) Backpage sex ad fight article:

2) New Times Liberated Christians article pdf file (large 7mb)

3) Prostitution not a biblical conflict

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