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Why Are They Doing This?
06-03-2018, 11:51 PM
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Why Are They Doing This?
From kelsi styl EZ NEWSLETTER - with permission to share
Well, because they can. And it’s no secret that law enforcement and politicians have had a hard-on for sex-workers since forever (pun of the day!). And they know that the general public could really care less what two consenting adults do with one another. So they embellish the story in order to keep monetary support streaming in, which is how they fund their elaborate charade and keep those hefty donations flowing. Back when they were moving stings across the country and rounding up over 500 “prostitutes and pimps”, they smiled and took the funds raised in the name of “the child trafficking problem”. Yet out of 500-some arrests, not one was related to child trafficking or even human trafficking... all were consenting adults bla, bla, bla, the broken record plays on. My point is, now they are calling it “a human trafficking problem in the US”. And because of this human trafficking issue - and don’t get me wrong, one case is one case too many... but let’s call it what it is and not what it isn’t - because of this “HT problem the US is currently having”, everyone loses their Constitutional rights regarding the Internet. Everyone.

And... well... or here’s an idea - how about we legalize prostitution, and then regulate it and luxury tax it!?! What’s that? Oh you make more money off the incarcerations? Imagine that.

Dave notes: The luxury tax is a unique idea. Usually, folks say to "tax it," however, its already taxed just like all income. If you don't think so ask Al Capone!

BTW I love her tagline "I AM KELSI STYLEZ... YOU'LL NEVER MEET ANYONE LIKE ME AGAIN.... and I am going to make sure you never, ever forget me."

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