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ESPLERP Update for May 2018
05-14-2018, 10:34 AM
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ESPLERP Update for May 2018
Dave notes - this is the only group I've seen in 30 years that is actually doing something that makes sense vs SWOP failures and such limited support from private sexworkers vs street workers which have no chance of decriminalization for valid compelling interests

Court Case Update
We were disappointed by the Ninth Circuit’s dismissal - and even more so when we applied for an “en banc” hearing (before a larger 11 judge panel) and not one of the allegedly very Liberal Ninth Circuit judges were willing to recognize that ESPLERP v Gascon raised the important constitutional issue of sexual privacy. What wimps!

But that leaves us with a difficult decision - namely, whether we should appeal to the Supreme Court. If we do appeal, there is a real chance that the Supreme Court would not take the case (it only hears 100 or so cases a year). But if it did take the case, we would certainly incur very significant costs, and there is a real risk that by the time the case is heard, the composition of the Supreme Court may be even more unpredictable. And if the Supreme Court did uphold the Ninth Circuit’s decision, - and would effectively lock out any future challenges against similar laws elsewhere in the US. So we have asked for an additional 60 days before we have to file any appeal, so we can continue to assess the viability of our case before the highest court.

In the meantime, we’re looking into filing a constitutional challenge against the same law (CA 647(b)), but this time through the California court system - starting in California Superior Court.

Legislation and Lobbying
California Senate Bill (SB) 1204 sought to expand the definition of “pandering” (a felony) to include acts that “promote or facilitate prostitution” - which puts our clients, friends, family and support staff on the line. But, after a storm of negative public comments, and support from some key allies within the Senate itself, it was withdrawn without a vote. Great Job everyone! (Dave notes Arizona passed similar law a few years ago which shut down the popular local forums.)

We are planning our first lobbying day in Sacramento - on Tuesday May 22nd. If you want to come along, email We have appointments with State Assembly members, State Senate members, and their staffs, to ask them to remove 647(b). The Ninth Circuit ruling said the legislatures were responsible for changing the law - so let’s do the ask. We will also be urging them to bring forward legislation based on our Policy Agenda because it expands equal protections for all -
In preparation for our visit, please sign our petition so they can be better prepared for our us -

June 2 Amy Schumer Protest / International Whore’s Day
Less than a month ago, the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA) passed at Federal level. Almost immediately, many legal operating adult websites closed. And as a direct result, many of us have lost the ways we screen clients and share safety information - and many of our clients have lost their ability to screen out rip offs and other forms of violence. It seems that our common enemy wants to close down the online and offline spaces used by Erotic Service Providers of all vocations. People have lost their livelihoods - and even their lives - because of this law (

Celebrities like comedian Amy Schumer have been at the forefront of the campaign to pass FOSTA. Here she is in a recent video promoting this bad law -, parroting the ludicrous exaggerated claims of the prohibitionists. She also performs a comedy routine about “burying dead strippers” - It seems that our voices about what’s best for our community are always drowned out by celebrities like Amy Schumer - who then go on to use hookers and porn stars as punchlines.

We are proud to be sex workers. So on June 2, the Erotic Service Providers Union (ESPU) and the US Prostitutes Collective are celebrating International Whore’s Day by mounting an informational protest for audiences at Custerfest, a 3 day comedy event where Amy Schumer is performing on Saturday June 2nd. Come along and support us...

Who: Erotic Service Providers and US PROSTitutes Collective
What: International Whore’s Day Informational Protest for audiences of Custerfest featuring Amy Schumer
Where: Bill Graham Auditorium, 99 Grove Street, San Francisco, CA 94114
When: Internaltional Whore’s Day, June 2, 2018 4pm-6pm
Why: The audience should be aware of the bad laws Amy Schumer is promoting.

Court Support Opportunity
The 647(b) trial we were providing court support for has been rescheduled to July 16th in Superior Court of Redwood City, 500 County Ctr., Redwood City, Ca 94063. The case is scheduled for 9am - and if you would like to lend your warm body for support that would be great. Thanks in advance.

The next Erotic Service Provider Union (ESPU) meeting will be in the fall and you can attend in person or via phone conference participation. Board members Domina Elle and Claire Alwyne attended DomCon in LA this past weekend.

It has been a wild ride lately. Recently passed laws like Federal SESTA/FOSTA, and proposed laws like CA SB 1204, have inflicted real harm and trauma upon our community. But we still stand firm in our beliefs and actions, and are (if anything) even more convinced that decriminalisation is a necessary precondition for our civil and human rights.

Thanks to the 11 new and 8 repeat supporters who helped us reach over 10% of our online $30,000 goal at Thanks to everybody who donated via the PayPal, or mailed in your support. Thanks to all the new folks who stepped up during 2017. And thanks to all who are part of the monthly giving.

● Contribute online at
● Hit the PayPal button at
● Mail checks to ESPLERP, 2261 Market Street # 548, San Francisco, CA

Promoting Intimacy and Positive Sexuality with honesty and integrity
Esalen massage - integrating with one another in love -"heartfelt touch"
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