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ESPLERP Update for April 2018
05-07-2018, 12:42 PM
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ESPLERP Update for April 2018
ESPLERP Update for April 2018

Well it has been a wild ride lately as you all know. The trauma and drama inflicted upon our community by recently passed and proposed laws has us standing firm in our beliefs and actions to stay the course and pursue decrim. Thanks to all the 11 new and 8 repeat supporters who helped us reach 10% of our online $30,000 goal at
and all those who donated via the paypal as as well as mailed in your support which gives us the ability to keep moving forward.

Court Case Update: We’re planning on asking for an additional 60 days to continue to assess the viability of filing for a review of our case before the highest court. The risks are big in our case. It seems to be an all or nothing proposition in that if the highest court sustains the dismissal of our case, it would lock everyone in the US out from filing against similar laws on the same basis. In the meantime, we’re looking into filing a constitutional challenge against the same law but at the state of California level while asking state legislators to change the law. Keeping up the pressure!

Speaking of state laws, we oppose CA SB1204 because it again proposes changes to the law that would make even producing this update suspect to pandering and eligible for felony charges.This bill will be brought back before the Senate Public Safety Committee when it has been redrafted which could possibly be as soon as April 24th, 2018. You can email the sponsor and tell her what you think.

(Dave notes this is similar to AZ law that passed a few years ago that resulted in almost all the local Phoenix boards to shut down. It expands the pandering felony to include arranging, encouraging or persuading another to engage in prostitution. It was defeated in the Senate votes: 3 Ayes, 1 Noes and 3 not voting. Did not pass since needed majority to approve. Was re-referred to the Appropriations committee.)

Our First Lobbying Day: We are planning our first lobbying day Tuesday May 22nd in Sacramento. If you want to come along, email We will be talking to them about removing 647(b) and implementing into law our Policy Agenda

Planning Picnic In an effort to expand our supporting community, we’re looking at picnicking end of May for all providers, clients, & supporters. We’re thinking Golden Gate Park. Volunteers needed.

Court Support Opportunity
The 647(b) trial we were providing court support for has been rescheduled for Jury 16th in Superior Court of Redwood City 500 County Ctr., Redwood City, Ca 94063 9:00 am if you’d like to lend your warm body for support that would be great.

Thailand Sex Workers group EMPOWER visited the Bay Area. This group is interesting in that they cooperatively own a bar and host classes in thier upstairs spaces.

ESPU meeting
All Providers Meeting Monday April 30th at San Francisco Labor Council 1188 Franklin Street #203 San Francisco, Email for calling info if you cannot make it downtown.

Thanks to all the new folks who donated and thanks to all who are part of the monthly giving.

● Contribute online at
● Hit the PayPal button at
● Mail checks to ESPLERP, 2261 Market Street # 548, San Francisco, CA

Appreciating You -Maxine

Promoting Intimacy and Positive Sexuality with honesty and integrity
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