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How an oil heiress attacked sex workers and their clients -or- How to weaponize privi
05-06-2018, 05:36 PM
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How an oil heiress attacked sex workers and their clients -or- How to weaponize privi
How an oil heiress attacked sex workers and their clients -or- How to weaponize privilege to wage war on prostitution

Extensive History and Tactics of the End Demand Movement, the Hunt sisters and their media savy well funded war on sex work. "There has been a purposeful calculated effort to frame erotic service providers as victims of their work and to conflate erotic services as a profession with sex trafficking."

"The opposition to the adult industry wants to abolish porn and all erotic services. The word abolish is the word they use. They also often refer to themselves as ‘modern day abolitionists’ and to all prostitution-all erotic services, as ‘modern day slavery’.

"They’ve wanted a federal law that criminalizes prostitution for a long time, and in effect the recently passed FOSTA and SESTA does this.

"The anti trafficking movement is comprised of a nonprofit industrial complex consisting of many NGO’s (vastly ‘faith based’) located in every state.

"This network of nonprofits and their allies are extremely well funded and well organized. They have been marching towards this for well over a decade.

"One of the most influential nonprofits amongst this nonprofit industrial complex is Swanee Hunt’s ‘Demand Abolition’ and her Hunt Alternative Fund.

"Swanee Hunt is heir to Hunt Oil (billions) and she has been waging a war on the adult industry for many years. She goes as far as to fund law enforcement agencies to do sting operations.

"In 2010 a very important meeting took place which set the monster machine erotic service providers now know as the ‘rescue industry’ into full throttle strategic mode."

Much more on the history and documented details behind the deception that makes puts sexworker in more danger, not less at:

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