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Closing Checking Accts & Credit Cards of Companions
12-19-2017, 09:45 PM
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Closing Checking Accts & Credit Cards of Companions
"I got a letter from Capitol One bank today saying they were closing my checking & credit card account. The reasoning was vague "we've observed activity on your account not consistent with our expectations, personal, family or household purposes. What the ever loving fuck?with the Eros raid by the feds recently??"

Dave notes there are other reports of this by Chase, Wells and other banks. Seems to be the result of the raid on Eros and getting all the personal information of members and those placing ads.

As The Eros Raid Means None of Us Are Safe in Tits and Sass reports:
Eros-Guide’s call center in Youngsville, North Carolina, was raided by the Department of Homeland Security. A dozen black government vehicles converged on parent company Bolma Star Service’s office and data center, beginning a search and seizure operation that would last into the night.

They confiscated computers, documents, and servers. The search warrant is sealed in federal court, with officials offering no comment on the investigation besides the fact that it is an active investigation.

No arrests have been made yet, or charges filed. But collectively, we sex workers shudder with that familiar fear: we’re witnessing yet another instance of an ominous multi-year pattern, from Craigslist to MyRedBook to Rentboy to Backpage, of our advertising platforms being raided or pressured out of existence.

Once again, some of us are left in desperate suspense, waiting to see if our business models are about to be disrupted; if we’re going to be left in economic turmoil. Sure, and the other Eros subsidiary sites are still up for the moment, but how secure are they to conduct business over now?

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