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5 years trying to sting - gave up and traced her cell phone to arrest Case study of L
11-27-2017, 12:24 AM (This post was last modified: 11-27-2017 03:39 AM by davephx.)
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5 years trying to sting - gave up and traced her cell phone to arrest Case study of L
5 years trying to sting - gave up and traced her cell phone to arrest
Case study of LE stake out a companion - massage gal and crazy false charges

A long-time Phoenix area massage gal shared with me her crazy recent experience after being arrested. The antics of LE is typical of what I have heard from others, but she has contacted me wanted her story to get out to warn others. Obviously, no one should offer anything sexual for money - that is illegal.

It turns out LE had been trying to sting her for five years, but her screening was so good they could never set up an appointment. However, her ads indicate a general location. (Dave notes I hate ads, where I have no clue even what city gals are in our metro area, is so large. I'm not going to drive to Sun City or Gilbert no matter how great they seem since I live in North Phoenix!)

They watched her ads and found she visited another city. From this, they thought she was running a prostitution syndicate operation and upon return raided her home. She has always worked just alone for herself. The visit to another city was the probable cause.

LE over the five years made various calls to her cell phone trying to set up an appointment. When they made a call that started tracking her call signal moving closer and closer to real location each time until they identified the house.

They staked out home and when they say a man leave they were able to find where he worked by starting with his license plate and researching name to find out where he worked. This is unusual in that most of the time I have heard of stakeouts the do a traffic stop on the driver and scare him into admitting an illegal act.

Two days later, the police go to man's office to talk about his massage, and they could talk there or go to his home and ask questions in front of his wife and two teenagers. Guy said that he got a massage which was all he got, nothing illegal.

LE goes to a judge for a search warrant with probable cause had been watching for five years, showed her ads both in Phoenix and another city. Said probably had girls working for her around the country, probably underage, probably dealing drugs as well and working with pimps. Of course, none of this was true but judge signs off on a warrant.

She retained an attorney (one I recommended), who got police report which included her being totally cooperative, transparent and helpful with no indication of any prostitution syndicate. Officer recommenced a minimal or no charge.

Attorney worked with the prosecutor who agreed to drop all State charges and just charge with city charges.

At next conference, the prosecutor told massage gal with her attorney that he could hardly believe the city went to all this effort since it was a complete waste of time. Showed massage gal the charges including no establishment license, no massage license, and unlawful activity. If she rejected them all, they would not have a jury trial, but a judge would decide (and probably charge all 3). Asked her to pick one which they would agree to settle for a $750 fine. She chooses no establishment license.

At sentencing signed papers and judge said go directly to the pay window of the court, she didn't have to wait in line and simply pay the $750 or could set up in installments. She paid the $750.

She then had to go to the police property dept a week later to get back her massage table and appointment book they took for evidence. They had already given back her laptop.

The detective called her to warn her not to have any ad for massage for one-year in the city but could advertise anywhere else as long as not in their city.

Although it was a minor final charge she did think the retainer paid to the attorney (actually about three staff attorney's involved), it was worth it since they knew the system and helped clear the way with the city prosecutor.

Conclusion: Our tax dollars at work and wasted police effort spanning five years, going after a massage gal not having an establishment license!

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