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Pop-Up brothel issues raging New Phoenix Chief of police offers hope as arrests for '
11-26-2017, 08:02 PM (This post was last modified: 11-26-2017 08:35 PM by davephx.)
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Pop-Up brothel issues raging New Phoenix Chief of police offers hope as arrests for '
Pop-Up brothel issues raging
New Phoenix Chief of police offers hope as arrests for 'pretend victims" has slowed it seems for now.

The pop-up brothel issue is the U.K., which like Canada, Germany, etc., follows more a harm reduction model where prostitution is legal. However, the age-old issue in the U.K. is that for incalls only one worker per flat is allowed which has been increasingly dangerous for women working alone or risk arrest if share an incall with other workers.

As sexworkers seek more safety, they have been renting airbnbs, moving to different hotel suites and trying to hide their "brothels" with more than one worker from the police. Bad guys are taking advantage of this and robbing some of these gals since they know they won't go to the police since their more than one worker brothels are illegal. There is also the concern that the owners of more than one worker brothels are being charged since illegal to operate a more than one worker brothel.

Outcalls have always been legal of course like in Canada, and much of the world except the U.S. Street prostitution "kerb-crawling" of course is illegal with the public nuisance factor, relationship to drugs and other crimes.

Any premises - for example, private flats, saunas, massage parlours - may be classified as a brothel if they are used by more than one person for the purpose of prostitution. This is still true if you work on different days. But if you offer services and completely independently, someone else in your building does too, you are no longer "working together."

Mum and sex worker defends pop-up brothels and says her job 'fits in with school hours' - November 26, 2017, highlights:

Along with two fellow sex workers, mum Amy has set up a pop-up brothel and has said it's made her feel a lot safer. In an interview with The Observer, she also explained it meant she could fit her work commitments within school hours.
"The whole reason I started doing this was to work flexibly and within school hours. "There’s something – for me anyway – that felt quite bleak about rocking up in a hotel. I honestly can’t imagine working any other way now and it astounds me that what we’re doing is technically illegal."

Taking matters into her own hands, after a year Amy rented out a flat with two fellow workers, complete with CCTV and a panic alarm. Prostitution is legal in the UK, but running a brothel isn't - and Amy's set-up runs the risk of being raided and shut-down by the police.

Dave notes at least outcall and one worker to a flat is legal in the U.K., but it is far safer in Canada where so many huge agencies that treat workers like family have opened up incalls at hotels and condos all over for example in Toronto. Outcalls have always been legal. Many agencies offer far lower rates and better payout's to workers than typical in the U.S. with our maximum harm model since the attitude is all sexworkers are abused and unable to choose prostitution as a legitimate option. - with huge funding to "save them."

In Phoenix, the madness seems to have slowed under the new chief of police and huge lack of officers. We can only hope we will continue to see fewer arrests of "pretend victims" and only go after real crime with real victims.

However, we still have many felony cases from pre-2017 arrests in Superior Court with serious prison time for anyone associated with an agency, massage parlor or worker with a phone helper, driver, etc. I am many months behind reporting on these cases, but at least new arrests it seems has slowed in Phoenix but not Gilbert, etc.

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