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Phoenix has been identified by the Department of Justice as a major human traffickin
09-15-2017, 06:36 AM
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Phoenix has been identified by the Department of Justice as a major human traffickin
Highlights from Cronkite News Arizona PBS 9/14/2017
The ASU professor that was behind Project Rose is doing her save the prostitute propaganda again.

She led a group at a Phoenix hospital to spot those victims of prostitution. The story told by a 14 year old when a man in a shopping center convinced her to be a prostitute "I was trafficked for two nights before I was recovered by law enforcement."

Huge graphs that in Arizona the average age of teenagers who are trafficked is 14. In Phoenix, about 78,000 men use online ads to buy sex. More than 300 ads for sex are placed every day and about 20% are for girls younger than 18 - making Arizona a hub for sex trafficking.

I commented: And probably 90% of arrests are in private consenting adults. While there is real sex trafficking, so much wasted resources going after pretend victims vs a harm reduction model that other countries have since decriminalization reduces harm. Prostitution law now being challenged at the 9th Circuit. Spend taxpayer dollars going after true pimps, and help victims instead of arresting and stinging pretend victims. Concentrate on under aged not the wonderful adults and $millions in court and other costs such as Phx Goddess Temple, Desert Diva's so many massage parlors etc all consenting adult choosing private (not streets) adult sexwork as a legitimate profession as in much of the rest of the world.

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