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Keep Your Companion Cool - APS Rate Change Analysis
09-04-2017, 01:51 AM (This post was last modified: 09-04-2017 03:08 AM by davephx.)
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Keep Your Companion Cool - APS Rate Change Analysis
Thought I'd share my evaluation of the rate changes for Phoenix APS customers (about half of Phoenix) using new time of day rates that we can now switch to or be automatically switched to sometime next year. I think I am going to change now for the 2-hour shorter peak period to avoid use as much as possible. Old peak was M-F 12 PM to 7 PM (7 hours). New Peak is 3 PM to 8 PM (5 hours) plus four new holidays - mostly in lower cost winter. But the choice is not clear cut and others may have a very different analysis.

Current APS customers will gradually be forced to the new plan choices, and all have to be switched by May 2018. However, for some of us, we may want to switch now - thus the evaluation. Overall costs increase since need to pay the Chairman of APS $1million A MONTH vs. only $1 million a year for the head of SRP which has lower rates (source azcentral article).

My home is about 2200 ft, with two a/c units 2 ton and 3 ton - the smaller back one that includes bedrooms is always shut down after I get up and don't turn back on till late at night so no peak use. But 3 ton I usually gradually raise the temp to about 80 after 1 PM and turn off about 4-5PM. I sometimes meet clients and need air and office with computers and five large 28-inch monitors gets hotter than the main living room.

Last 12-months average about $210 APS with peak July at $402. I am using the now frozen combined advantage plan which is huge savings from the standard plan.

New Plan: APS has a comparison cost page (search "rate tool" after logging into your account), and ALL the new plans for me are more costly than current using their assumptions. The Choice Saver Max plan is by far the least more costly (only $101.05 more a year).

I pulled the rate schedule filings and compared the new Choice Saver Max plan to the current frozen plan. The comparison is complex with the different types of charges, but the bottom line is the peak demand charge (highest use during peak period) goes up from 15.6 to 17.4 cents per KW in the Summer, the on-peak energy charge decreases from .103 to 0.886 (cents per KWH). The off-peak energy charge is about the same. The basic service charge decreases from .643 to .472 cents per day.

Sigh.. get all that? My conclusion is to switch to the new plan (which will be forced on all eventually) because I like the extra time till 3 PM and just one hour later to 8 PM and with only 5 hours of peak costs vs. 7 I can better plan my day to be away more or have fans blowing on me from 5 PM to 8 PM I say 5 PM since I have good insulation (was tested) so it won't get too hot between 3 PM and 5PM.

BTW, I tried the supercool down idea where supercool the house overnight. However, I don't think it did much good. When I leave town like for ten days in June when was in Toronto, I shut everything down. It seems even when 110+ the temp inside doesn't get much above 85 (still too hot for me!). During non-peak times keep at about 76-77 degrees.

Obviously each APS customer will have to evaluate usage differently, but hopefully, this may be a guide at least to how I did the comparison. I have a CPA background and hopefully did the numbers right! (sigh)

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