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Huge War Chest against sexworkers - the funding for fake victims is a huge business
07-10-2017, 04:47 AM
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Huge War Chest against sexworkers - the funding for fake victims is a huge business
Huge War Chest against sexworkers - the funding for fake victims is a huge business

The fake trafficking agenda
Following the money of the "victim" industry
The "rescue" Industry is big business
Harm Reduction Model i.e. Canada
Now in the round them up and sting phase
Staying legal

The war against sexwork is huge, using "human trafficking" as the excuse, even though most funding goes after private consenting adults often in massage parlors, escort agencies, and incalls. Major sexwork boards (Redbook, The Review Board) that provided safety for escorts were shut down by the FBI with the bogus "trafficking" excuse making the profession more dangerous. It was reported the shutdown of MyRedbook and SFRedbook in 2014 negatively affected more than 10,000 consenting adult sex workers.

Redbook owners were charged under the Interstate Travel in Aid of Racketeering Enterprise ("The Travel Act"). The “travel” or “Interstate commerce” that is the basis for Federal law is the use of the telephone or Internet. “Travel” is electrons going across State lines.

P411 has been listed by the FBI as a "trafficking site, " and often after an arrest, LE takes over the P411 identity of the escort to do fake references for stings, etc. Or, like in the 2014 Nashville case, a customer turned over his P411 account to LE and got five high dollar escorts busted as reported by ECCIE.

Unlike Backpage none of these sites have anything to do with underaged - all were consenting adults - nor public nuisance street workers.

U.S. prostitution laws make sexwork less safe vs. the harm reduction model of Canada and other countries.

In Phoenix the three large local boards shut down after the McCain Institute/ASU led the charge to save sexworkers by arresting them or end demand by new law (2014) in Arizona making "induce or encouraging any person to become a prostitute or engage in the act of prostitution a pandering felony with a presumptive sentence of 1.5 years in prison on each count. (ARS 13-3209(A)(4)) No longer are reports available from these boards to warn about bad clients, fake or real police getting serviced under threat of arrest, or helping escorts network for referrals to provide for more safety.

The McCain Institute for International Leadership is a think tank established in cooperation with Arizona State University. The primary focus of the foundation is combatting human trafficking and promoting a new generation of "national security leaders." The McCain Institute along with ASU held many training seminars to promote the abolition of sexwork and encouraging suspicious activity by hotel workers (like single women renting rooms and having male visitors). Factoring in board members, employees, and interns, the McCain Institute has about 80 employees assisting their operations in various capacities.

In March 2017 "Questions about John McCain's foundation have arisen amid revelations that, for the last several years the foundation has not been using its donations, instead depositing small amounts of their large endowment into the Arizona State University Foundation. This issue has added importance when considered in the context of John McCain's controversial sources of funding (Saudi Arabia) and the arrest of a number of past campaign workers on charges such as child abuse and drug trafficking. Source: and others

ASU's School of Social Work has been working closely with the McCain Institute for the abolition of sexwork. The effort is led by Roe-Sepowitz. “In my work with thousands of prostituted persons, only a handful were engaged in prostitution because it was the best choice for them,” says Roe-Sepowitz. “The rest were prostituting due to a lack of options or being conned, manipulated or threatened to do it.” This propaganda is seen in the testimony of a veteran vice cop in the Pheonix Temple trial who said he had never known a prostitute that was not coerced into the work. Temple founder yelled out "how about me?" The vice cop said he hadn't evaluated her history but was sure he would find some abuse of coercion in her background. This, of course, is ridiculous for anyone who knows Tracy.

Harnessing a pop panic like America's "sex trafficking epidemic" has allowed her (Cindy McCain) and other McCain Institute staff to earn ample media attention, secure spots on prominent human rights panels, forge ties with "social responsibility" units across the corporate sector, and get invited to testify at all sorts of government hearings—all while spreading "facts" that are at best unsupported by evidence and often at total odds with it. For instance, the McCain Institute often claims that more than 300,000 U.S. children are at risk of being trafficked each year, a dubious finding from a study that the lead author now disavows and which the respected Crimes Against Children Research Center has literally been begging people not to use since 2008. Source: June 2017

The Institute routinely cites the bogus statistic that the average sex trafficking victims is 12 to 14 years old, a claim which all empirical evidence we have defies and one that's been regularly debunked in the mainstream media for several years. It refers to pornography as a "public health crisis."

KTAR reported: "One of the nation's toughest laws against human trafficking went into effect in Arizona on Thursday." "Whether you come from across the country or down the street, women (adults) and girls in Arizona are not for sale," said Glendale Police Chief Debbie Black. "This is a proud and significant day for Arizona, particularly for those who have been personally affected by the horrendous crime of human trafficking," said Gov. Jan Brewer after signing the law in April.

I note that human trafficking includes private consenting adults being induced or encouraged even if consenting adults seeking sexwork as a legitimate profession. This is similar to the Federal Trafficking Act where coerced trafficking is "extreme trafficking" vs. consenting adults which is just regular trafficking. Similar provisions are in the Federal Travel Act.

Pimping and pandering (making money from or facilitating the prostitution of others) are also class 5 felonies. Pimping can be the husband or boyfriend with shared money from the escort, or the driver or security person who "facilitates" any prostitution.

Phoenix FBI special agent Collier was quoted by Truthout saying that the FBI is simply trying to "rescue" victims. He portrayed interacting with law enforcement as akin to therapy. Joint task force operations do uncover a few underaged cases, often from Backpage usually less than 10% of arrests, vs. about 90% consenting adults. Those underage "rescued" are often returned to abuse homes they were running away from or wind up in a miserable shelter or detention center before facing the foster care system.

The Arizona escort license violation for not having your escort license on ads or website is only a $500 civil fine on the first violation. Scottsdale and some other cities have made it criminal with 15 days mandatory jail and $1500+ fines same as prostitution violations. LE can charge either under City laws or State law. The license requirement includes an id log for all customers, details of activities and much more. Of course, nothing sexual is allowed. I have never yet seen an ad or escort website that complies.

The rescue industry is big business
In Phoenix, we had Project Rose - round up the workers, haul them to Bethany Bible Church and either admit they were "victims" and be "saved" by extensive indoctrination program on the evils of sexwork, or go to jail. Project Rose was run by Catholic Charities which was given funding by the City of Phoenix. The project is "temporarily on hold" (per the ASU professor that led to its creation) after years of outrage about the religious aspects.

Many tax-exempt organizations raise huge amounts of contributions that get distributed as grants to local police, "save them" groups both in the U.S. and Canada and for lobbying and political contributions.

At least in Canada, their harm reduction model largely protects in private consenting adults. In the U.S. whenever more than one worker is involved the media excuse is human or sex trafficking even though in most cases the truth comes out it is all consenting adults. However, "human" or "sex trafficking" raises lots of funding.

In the U.S., one large group is Polaris Project. The latest Form 990 tax return for exempt organizations I can find is from 2013. They received $7.2 million in contributions in 2012 and $5.5 million in 2013 plus over $4 million in donated services and use of faculties (Schedule D Form 990 Page 4).

Even larger is the Hunt Alternatives Private Foundation. Purpose includes: DEMAND ABOLITION SEEKS TO ABOLISH THE ILLEGAL COMMERCIAL SEX INDUSTRY IN THE UNITED STATES BY ERADICATING THE DEMAND FOR PURCHASED SEX. For 2015 (latest available) its Form 990-PF shows over $13 million in contributions mostly from the Swanee Hunt Family Foundation. It provided funding in Phoenix to APB Consulting for Demand Abolition Program - cease interventions covering expenses for demand reduction activities, the "Not Worth It" Campaign and Citizens Massage Parlor Patrols.

Separately, the Hunt sisters - Hunt Oil Dynasty - were joined by the granddaughter of Roy Disney and others to raise $150 million. The minimum donation is $1 million per person. H.L. Hunt was at one point considered the richest man in the world. Swanee Hunt has a public policy statement that includes, "Demand Abolition supports the movement to end modern-day slavery by combating the demand for illegal commercial sex in the US...The sex trade is inherently dangerous to victims, degrading to perpetrators, and harmful to society. Until demand for commercial sex is eliminated, the sexual enslavement of children, women, and sometimes men will continue."

In Phoenix, in one year Catholic Charities had $26.1 million in revenue mostly from government grants

In Canada, Companion from BC says:
OMG, the number of fakes in the Rescue Industry is far greater than the number of so-called victims they claim to rescue. You should see the abolitionists twitter comments up here. Supposedly they are out to save all the sex workers unless of course said sex worker tells them they don't need rescue. Then the claws and fangs come out. The intent is to get a piece of the government funding, and if they have to inflate the numbers to get more $$, that is exactly what they do.

There are about 6 very recent exposures about trafficking rescue organizations or stories: Somaly Mam, the movie Eden is based on lies, the movie Taken is based on lies, the book "Paid For' by Rachel Moran is based on lies, basically if it is a rescue NGO, it is based on lies.

In Canada there many sexwork positive organizations of workers since they have no legal risk vs. the U.S. only a few advocates willing to be openly public in support of a harm reduction model vs. criminalization.

Harm Reduction Model
Harm reduction is using law enforcement resources to go after "real" victims of pimps or underaged, not the "pretend victim" model in the U.S. Harm reduction also goes after street work that causes harm to neighborhoods. Harm reduction allows for agencies, brothels, drivers, and helpers to keep workers safe and where there is no fear of contacting police when a sex worker is attacked or robbed. In Canada many of the large agencies work closely with police, inviting them in anytime and have developed a good working relationship.

Round them up
In 2017 the new enforcement laws have been written, the mass propaganda about "trafficking" has been done, and now it's the simpler "round up" phase, especially "reduce demand" going after customers that are easy to bust by placing fake ads, etc. In June 2017 in just one week about 120 customers were arrested when they showed up at a fake massage parlor from online ads.

In Phoenix mass indictments have been made against anyone with any association to agencies, Tantra/Goddess Temple, massage parlors, a porn studio, etc.. In the last ten years those that went to trial have been found guilty and sentenced to prison. Most plead to felonies but with probation instead of taking the risk of prison if go to trial.

Stay Legal
In the meantime legal safety has been found in the sugar baby world - especially ASU women which is one of the top U.S. Universities for the number of women sugar's per

Never offer any "fee arrangement" money for sexual conduct. Never assist or promote anyone that offers sexual conduct for a "fee arrangement." In Seattle case, posting reviews on the FBI seized board was considered a form of "pandering." In Phoenix, a jury found an escort guilty of soliciting solely due to "GFE" listed on her website.

The 9th Circuit case challenging the prostitution law if favorable would be the best solution. Oral arguments are scheduled for October 2017. A key issue is if the State has a "compelling interest" related to crime, public nuisance, etc. A possible weakness in the case is not suggesting there is a huge difference between in private consenting adults vs. the obvious public nuisance, drugs, condoms left behind, nonworking women harassed, etc., of street work.

Promoting Intimacy and Positive Sexuality with honesty and integrity
Esalen massage - integrating with one another in love -"heartfelt touch"
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