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Phoenix Felony cases with major actions in March 2017 since last Report
04-02-2017, 03:12 AM (This post was last modified: 04-02-2017 03:30 AM by davephx.)
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Phoenix Felony cases with major actions in March 2017 since last Report
Phoenix Felony cases with major actions in March 2017 since last Report

Never discuss or offer sex for money. Here are latest of the zillion felony cases I am following in Phoenix to warn others about the legal situation and the importance of the current ESPLEP case at the 9th Circuit challenging the prostitution law. Too bad we don't follow a harm reduction model like in Canada vs increasing harm by the criminal legal status which results in failure to report bad things to LE.

Reminder that almost all cases take pleas for a felony but probation vs potential decades in prison if found guilty at trial since most charged with criminal enterprise, money laundering etc. Often the prison term potential is far more than for violent crimes with "real" victims. For example, Tracy of Goddess Temple was warned by judge she could face 40 years in prison if didn't take a plea. She lost at trial but due to judge sentencing all the many counts concurrently was only sentenced to 4.5 years in prison where she now sadly resides. The other 37 defendants took pleas for probation. All cases are for in private consenting adults.

Both for privacy and easier to track I am starting to use Defendant numbers given by the court instead of first names.

Relaxation Station
8 indicted, 1 outstanding arrest warrant. 3 have taken felony pleas. The rest have their cases continuing.

Def 08 sentenced to 2 years supervised probation on felony since had keys and was a receptionist. Undercover also got an offer for a hand job. Did traffic stop on two leaving customers, one admitted to a HJ and another denied any sex took place. As she said in her presentence report "There were no victims in this matter."

Def 01 pled and sentenced to 18 months probation for facilitation to commit illegal enterprise.

Def 70- took felony plea in March. Sentencing 4/25

Next Conference 4/11/2017 for those not yet pled. Except Def 04 and Def 06 for 4/4/2017
Rose Garden Health - Final Report
5 inducted - 3 pled from earlier reports and in March 2017 final disposition on last 2 with charges dismissed. Very odd to have dismissed and no details why in the court record.
Red Mountain Day Spa
4 indicted and all pled guilty.
Latest: Male owner 3 years probation.
Def 03 was receptionist and sentenced to 2 years probation on felony
Def 01 Felony plea insisting just did body rubs nothing sexual. Sentenced to 2 years probation
Def 02 Had worked at Spa for less than 3 months, took felony plea with 3 years probation.

Bust was the result of an anonymous complaint on 9/24/2015. LE got a customer to admit his penis was touched for $50 and a undercover got a handjob.
Studio 15 gals
Felony plea deals except for one just now arrested long ago but sentencing is delayed with ongoing trial of owner. Some have testified for the State at owners current trial.

Defendant 10 arrested and pled. All have sentencing date of 4/5/2017 but probably will keep getting continued until owners trial is over.
Amazing Spa - Tempe
4 indicted, 1 pled so far: Def 02 pled to felony and sentenced to 3 years probation.

Next conference 5/4/17 and scheduled trial 8/2/2017 (but trial dates often continued sometimes for a year or more trying to get more pleas). Case is young with arrests in May 2016 after a 9 month investigation and 1700 pages of initial State discovery.
Chandler Massage House
Disable, retired elderly man modified a bedroom in Chandler home for massage and rented it out and split fees with a worker. Pled to house of prostitution felony and sentenced to 2 years probation. The presentence report recommended sex offender status, but this was not in the final sentencing.

I don't know if any workers got charged since probably only misdemeanor prostitution. I only follow the felony cases in Superior Court.
Married couples incall
This case is from 2015 Wife pled to felony in 2016 with 2 years probation but husband failed to show up for trial and arrest warrant issued. Arrested and initial appearance on 3/30/2017. Next hearing 4/10/2017
Thai Agency
From 2015 raid. Worker took felony plea in 2016 with 2 years probation. Owners case continues with pretrial 5/11/2017 and trial scheduled for 5/18/2017 but all dates often continued.
REAL Pimp case
Male (M) sentenced for pandering to 2 years probation
M sent V (vice cop). on Facebook "hey wassup. baby ima pimp so jus u know."
V: "cool with it"
M: "could make 5 bands a week"
V: Asked if she could refuse fetish stuff.
M: "sure fetish stuff u do nt u dnt gotta do anal unless u want baby."
Met at a Chandler restaurant with police waiting and arrested. He claimed was just about his business as an artist. ID'd as a gang member but no prior felony record.
Sunset Strip six defendants in raid filmed by 3TV
Odd case lots of probable cause with undercover's offered sex and search warrant seized computers and tons of stuff. However, there seems never an arrest and no further court record other than the 2016 listing of defendants and the search warrant.

On Google reviews as of 3/31/2017 has a review "2 weeks ago" saying had customers inside and strippers outside smoking but when asked the dancers they said they were closed. Asked when open said they are always closed. Still has website at It was well known as a ripoff place.

Promoting Intimacy and Positive Sexuality with honesty and integrity
Esalen massage - integrating with one another in love -"heartfelt touch"
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