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Sample Court Updates as of 8/31/2016
09-01-2016, 03:48 AM
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Sample Court Updates as of 8/31/2016
Sample Court Updates as of 8/31/2016

NOTE: This is an example why no one should offer or ask for sex for money. All of these cases would be legal and no issue in most of the world except the U.S.

Club Lace from 2014 raid

Lola – on 8/15/2016 sentenced under plea for solicitation to commit money laundering 2nd degree as reported earlier and 3 years’ probation. Then violated drug court contract and now sentenced to one day in prison and to continue Path 3, week 6 of drug court contract.

Trial began for Stephen, Cary, Adam and Robert on 8/11.

Various days with jury selection needed to call 90 more potential jurors, and then 60 more as many had excuses not to serve or were individually challenged by either the State or Defense.

A jury of 16 seated Day 4 and State began its case. Many exhibits entered, and the Defense objected to some and had bench discussion with a ruling by the judge.

Day 5 had a big fight when State wanted to provide notebooks to the jury with daily transcripts of the trial on audio CDs. The defense objected but overruled by Judge.

Each day usual trial stuff with States witnesses testifying and exhibits entered, and defense objections heard and ruled on. Jurors asked questions via judge of some witnesses.

Have read filed entries through Day 8 on 8/24/2016 – the last filed info as of 8/31.
Self Serve Porn Studio – Raid of 2013 and more workers arrested in January 2014

Previously reported 15 workers pled guilty to a felony for probation. William owner fighting on from jail unable to raise $100k bond.

Updates since my last report:
6/20/2016: Long pro per motion for settlement conference overview of facts and case law to support his “Self Serve Porn Studio”. In my non-lawyer view a good motion but as I have always thought lacked a legitimate legal defense (don’t think he has one but would love to be wrong).

6/27/2016: Attorney motions to withdraw as counsel due to an ethical conflict. I lost count of all the lawyers that have come and gone assigned by the Office of Public Defense (separate from Public Defenders office).

7/7/2016 New lawyer also wanted to withdraw but then didn’t but seems replaced by another lawyer R.P.

Latest attorney has some great reviews brief highlights:
“Mr. Pxxx really helped me with my case. When I thought all was lost, he came through. I started out with a public defender and all that person wanted was for me to sign a plea to go to prison. I doubt that the PD even knew what my case was about. I hired Mr. Pxxxx, and he went right to work. He listened to me and really showed an interest in my case, not like the PD. He always answered my calls and my questions. I never felt like I was bothering him because he always made me feel like my case was important because it was to me”… much more.

Dave notes this may have been when paid as a private attorney, not by the State via the Office of Public Defense which is private attorneys paid fees (but cheap) by State and not Public Defense Office. I have reviewed his extensive background on his website, a radio interview video, etc. If this case goes to trial, I might be interested in seeing him in action.

8/16/2016: Pro Per motion from jail to include as an expert witness the assistant to current computer forensic guy as at $65/hr vs. $180/hr. Office of Public Defense (taxpayers) has approved $zillions for investigators and whatever he has requested over the years.

8/18/2016: Pro Per Motion to continue for 60 days since the prior attorney was on the case for 1.5 years and now has new one. Needs time to file a 15.2 disclosure and to gather exculpatory internet data.

8/26/2016: Latest attorney files “First Notice of Defenses, Witnesses & Exhibits”.

NEXT: 9/6/2016 final pretrial with trial 9/12 but these dates often get continued, and my bet is no trial will actually begin this year.
Rose Garden Health case moving very fast with most taking pleas Raid of late 2015
All names mention are first, not any last names as always

Natalia “Connie” From plea sentenced 8/9/2016 for Attempt to maintain a house of prostitution felony sentenced to 2 years’ probation. Usual probation conditions including not to possess or consume any substance containing alcohol in addition to drugs and other usual conditions.
Presentence report: She claims no idea what was going on in place since other workers speak a different language. (Caught offering oral sex and intercourse to undercover for $150). Is an LMT so massage board notified.

Lots of letter of support. No drug history. Completed Nursing School in Russia. Divorced has a boyfriend of 2-years and is caregiving for elderly parents including a mother with breast cancer. No financial support and first criminal conviction. Age 52, ICE reports she is a naturalized U.S. citizen.

Her son wrote a long letter about hardships in Russia, coming to Phoenix in 1994, how worked so hard overcoming many obstacles he discussed in detail, to raise him to live the American Dream.

Letter to judge from parents aged 80 and 79 how such a wonderful daughter. “Your Honor, please be kind and merciful to our daughter.”

8/24/2016 Motion to allow travel to Israel for needed dental surgery.

Young 8/24/2016: Modification of sentence of 2 years’ probation for felony attempt to maintain house of prostitution plea allowing to be on probation in Nevada under the Interstate Compact.

Grace 8/24/2016: Same plea as above with 2 years probation. Did not participate in a presentence interview on the advice of counsel. The report details the case with the undercover. Age 54. ICE shows naturalized U.S. citizen. The report recommended 3 years probation but judge sentenced to 2.

Sinae 8/24/2016: With Korean interpreter given Donald Advisement of potential prison terms if doesn’t take the plea offered. She rejects the plea. Trial set 10/17/2016 and final trial management 10/10.

Hanna 8/24/2016: Trial dates set same as for Sinae but often get continued.

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