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Bad economy = Less clients more ladies
04-09-2009, 11:31 PM
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Bad economy = Less clients more ladies
Bad economy = Less clients more ladies
Comment from E-mail:

"VERY COMPETITIVE all over right now as there are at least 2,000 ASU and Community College ladies advertising on and killing the more established providers by SEVERELY UNDERCUTTING their prices!!"

Dave notes I talked to a well known long-time escort a few days ago who advertises all over on various boards etc., and she said she hasn't had one call in the last two weeks.

This can be good for the customer who is looking for affordable pricing but is like the home foreclosure situation. Nothing much is selling except at huge discounts of short sales or bank foreclosure sales. There sadly is a big loser (prior owner) and too good of a deal for the new buyer who can get very low rate financing and a home at a bargain distressed price.

We all hope stability will return to the housing market and to escorts.

In the meantime some of us who aren't willing to pay the past rates will see some of the gals that are now in our price range. It is not being cheap its being a good steward of money, especially from those of us that are hurting so badly financially as many customers are as well as escorts.

Economic recovery will come but it will be painfully slow.

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