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Dave's Adventure Seeking Intimacy in Phoenix Fri Night
04-04-2009, 04:11 PM (This post was last modified: 04-05-2009 04:50 PM by davephx.)
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Dave's Adventure Seeking Intimacy in Phoenix Fri Night
Dave's Adventure Seeking Intimacy in Phoenix Fri Night

Nude-reverse gal, Michelle, Stevi Secrets, Eves Tease, Samantha, Cheyenna
Sort of All on Friday Night (Dave was a busy boy)

Ok maybe this should be in the review section but thought would include here for all which might be entertaining! Oh yes, for those that have no interest in my peculiar intimacy interests warning this would be boring and you should skip as it will be my typical long reporting.

After having no female contact since my last Canadian trip May 2008, I am trying to get motivated to try some select Phoenix gals. My criteria eliminates most. I prefer relatively slender, smaller than D breasts (I love to caress small breasts) and of course with a budget limit of $200 that greatly restricts me. I also need to have found a review that indicates some level of interest in my type of intimacy. Friday night I was on a quest but with limited early success, yet a great end.

Nude-reverse massage gal
Lots of great reviews, my type of sensuality and does nude-reverse which I so much enjoy in the zillions of such places in Canada (you massage gal before the release phase and of course no legal issues). Made appt for 4pm and off I go. From reviews, she is busy since she only charges $100 for 50 minutes inclusive and has many regulars. She is in Tempe area so long drive for me but give myself plenty of time.

Driving So on the 51 and start hearing odd noise. Wonder if its from a car near me.....oh oh.....getting louder .... I think its me. I think I have a flat tire but car was going quite smoothly till now really bad. Yikes can I make it to the next exit - yes off on Coulter and make it to the driveway of a hotel. Tire totally blown hardly anything left, was riding on the wheel. I haven't had a flat in like 10 years. Fortunately have electric thing to lift car and power wrench if I can just figure out where to set the lift etc. I know there is no way I am going to make it to nude-reverse gal so call to explain and cancel. She calls back - was I the Dave at 4pm or the David at 5pm..... She only works days. l will have to try again sometime.

Gee this car has a full size spare vs small temporary in old car when last had a flat. Finally on way again, and tire place for a replacement tire.

OK ... I am still on the prowl for some female intimacy. Unlike most guys that need sex, I'm odd since as anyone that has read my zillions of boring reports (mostly from Canada) know, I enjoy caring touch intimacy more than just sex. It is very hard to find reviews that hint of anything other than blow jobs and how wild it was which really isn't my interest. I may be the only male on earth that isn't turned on by oral sex...either way. I seek like minded gals, that enjoy more intimacy and caring interactive sexuality and sensuality which turns me on, like raw sex turns on most guys.

Michelle in Mesa
Has some wonderful reviews (the 480-208-6987 one) and some hints of my type of intimacy among all the fantasy of course about all the wild sex. Her pictures are attractive, only $160/hr and I connect with her on the first call. The typical two call system. Can't just plug in her address on my GPS but have to play the call thing which I am suppose to do at Hwy 60/Country Club Road. I don't quite understand why this is safer not knowing the address till you make the 2nd call but lots of gals seem to use this system.

Right on time at 9PM as I approach the exit and I call her. But I get a voicemail saying her mail box is full. Found a Holiday Inn parking lot to park and keep calling, and calling, and calling. Nothing but the voicemail and full recording. I drive around a bit and find a Motel 6 just on the other side of the 60, which is more likely where she would be. Call and call every few minutes till 9:30. Very frustrated just drove 45 minutes to Mesa and no way to reach her.

Stevi Secrets
Since I am this far South already I decide to check out the old Stevi Secrets. She had told me a few weeks ago that she sold it, but the new owners never paid, so I assumed it was closed but was curious what was there. We use to co-host parties there and had lots of good times. Nude sign still there but not lit up. Only about 5 cars in the parking lot but it was open. Nice guy at desk and we have nice chat, that I knew the club for years, Stevi etc.

The inside has been totally remodeled, nice lighting actually quite an extensive nice remodel except not as "cozy" as before. Very small stage and just individual tables, not the old couch and nice chair set up. 4 dancers, only 1 of which was at all attractive to me (most were too heavy for my taste). Very boring but wanted to observe for awhile. I quickly get bored just watching dancers as I am a quality high touch person have no interest in just watching butt giggling and they were never even nude.

Nice guy came over and talked quite a bit with me since he knew I had been around a long time. Supposedly the "deadbeats" are now totally gone another new owner has taken over the club and has dealt with Stevi (I am sending her a copy of this review). I think "nice guy" wasn't the owner just the manager. All new girls and DJ. At first only one other guy but me, but 4-5 more guys came in while I was there for about 30 minutes. I watched a "wall dance" which had very little interaction vs much more (within the Phx legal limits) at the old Stevi's with some dancers. Left very bored but was interesting how they redid it. They do have a VIP area that is totally separate in the back now - very different physical layout than before.

Eve's Tease - very nice Rebecca
I'm thinking as long as I am out this way, I haven't been to Eves for years. I wonder if Greg still owns. Lots of dancers over the years, had told me how nice Greg is to work for vs the other club owners. Many great times here pre the 1999 law change, Greg even invited me to there employee party once. I knew Greg from maybe 20 years ago when he managed the small club on McDowell about 18th St before the nasty women owner was involved. This goes back to when I enjoyed the interactions at the clubs so much again before the 1999 law change with the new rules. Now I have to go to Canada to enjoy what I use to enjoy in Phoenix. I had great friends at the clubs including the hostess that literally threw a new dancer in my lap saying she had to experience my nice touch. The hostess that was so amazed since I never tipped why I was so popular till one night she literally had a waiting list of dancers that wanted private dancers with me and she had to experience me for herself - and than became my greatest fan.

Place is run down a bit ,not updated like Stevi's. Very dark stage can hardly see the dancers. But hmmm..mostly taller, slender, attractive dancers, my type. Not seeing anyone near old enough to be Greg (not sure I'd recognize him as we both have aged) I asked the young guy at the desk that takes money if Greg still owns the club and that I knew him from years ago. Yes, and still owns as well as Body Shop on Grand.

As usual I take my old "nesting" position near the back and sit with an open chair next to me with my arm out over it, like inviting a dancer to sit there....or daring them depending on your view. I have no interest in the stage dancing, but this is how I often found gals that wanted to come into my "Nest' with my arm across the chair next to me.

Soon a tall, slender very attractive dancer Rebecca comes into my nest (which is sort of a testing ground for response to my touch to see if my type). VERY touch responsive, within seconds we are holding hand and I'm holding her nicely close. Nice chat- as much as you can above the noise of the music that is so loud. She has worked at the club five years, asked her if Greg still treating the dancers so nice.,,yes very much so... talk about changes at the club .. I must have missed the period they had the showers in the private dance area.

She soon asked about private dances. I had forgotten the costs and may have changed. $50 for 3 songs and is inclusive no tipping extra. I believe it use to be less but you were expected to tip. I never did since for me it was more of a social touch experiment and I was overwhelmed with so many dancers that knew I didn't tip but still wanted to have dances with me. I should mention I realize to some I may come off thinking I am gods gift to women, that is not my intent. I share this to show the positive results of 20 years of seemingly developing good touch skills and my social experiments with touch at strip clubs first in Pheonxi and more recently in Canada without the Phoenix restricive rules since 1999. I encourage others to get in touch with their more sensitive side.

So off we go. Same backroom area as I remembers, just a bit the worse for age like most of us.

Rebecca - WONDERFUL what I call "intimacy response"...yes.. almost like the great times at the Canadian clubs but of course more restrictions here. But about the only thing I couldn't do that I enjoy so much in Canada is breast massage which I usually get such a great response from. But just like I experience in Canada she got into most of my favorite positions, soaked up my type of touch and commented many times I soft and nice my touch was (as most dancers in Canada do).

After awhile I asked which song we were on since I lost track and sometimes the endings aren't clear. Songs are usually also cut short of full length in the U.S. vs longer full songs in Canada. She said I think we are still on the first. But within a minute or so the guy came over to declare 3 songs over. Sshe wanted it to still be the first. Really nice long hug goodbye could certainly tell she was my type of high touch responder.

This actually fulfilled much of my "touch needs", although I would rather have an hour with someone in a bed where you can do much more. I debated trying some other dancers, but had a escort in mind for her $100 late night specials so decided not to stay. But then I sported this older guy with a while beard that I thought might be Greg (we have both aged). He was talking to a gal and when she came my way I asked to be sure that was Greg. Yep. I walked over and he immediately said "I know you". He remembered me from my zillions of reviews and how popular I was back in the pre 1999 days. He still owns Body Shop on Grand but is in process of selling it as he is sort of trying to slow down it seems.

Ad on backpage has an attractive picture and there are some very nice reviews on various boards. She is somewhere on the far West side per a review but advertises a $100 late night special, but doesn't say what the hours are. It is now about 12:00 am. I call but her phone is disconnected Sad

I am still motivated to find someone I can be in bed with yet tonight. There are some gals from the Private List that I would be interested in but I have no idea if they are working this late and some are a long way away.

Cheyenna - The best is last
I have always enjoyed talking with Cheyenna at various parties, and we have exchanged lots of e-mails. She seems like my type of high touch person from our brief physical interactions at parties etc. I recall she is in my area but I have no idea how late she works. I also like her $175 Dave's List special price for her time of course, she doesn't charge for sex and I never pay for sex in the U.S. Her ad on the List indicates she prefers e-mail contact so at 12:23 am I shoot her an e-mail "How late do you work at night?" Than I start this sorry, its so long report. Hey, when I haven't done Phoenix reviews for years so I make up for it in one night!

At 2:15AM she e-mails me, "Oh till whenever I don't" I ask if she is still available tonight and if so give me a phone call. She does. I live only a few miles from her and we meet at 3AM. This was a very good choice and definitely the best was saved for last.

We very much share the quality touch enjoyment with all the things I like to do in bed, including my favorite sex position that some of the young gals in Canada say they have not done before but say, and I can tell by their body reaction. that they enjoy. It provides a lot of G spot stimulation and the full body contact I enjoy.

We talk like old friends, cuddle, play and talk into the wee hours. She has a very nice set up, candles etc. But most of all it was the ideal type of intimacy/sexuality type of interaction I so much enjoy that is more than just the usual initials of various sex acts. It is more the "Girl Friend Experience" as I defined it when it was first used - before websites existed - only the news group with 300 baud packet readers. Than GFE had nothing to do with potentially unhealthy sex acts, but more the emotional, interactive caring for the moment type of interaction which to me is far more satisfying than just sex.

Promoting Intimacy and Positive Sexuality with honesty and integrity
Esalen massage - integrating with one another in love -"heartfelt touch"
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04-04-2009, 07:36 PM
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RE: Dave's Adventure Seeking Intimacy in Phoenix Fri Night
Cheyenna's review of Dave:
(Yes a reverse review that she asked if she could do!)

I would like to take the time, and have permission to review our very own DAVE of Dave's list.

I have known Dave for a few years now, not well, but have visited with him at social functions, e-mailed back and forth and even sat with him at a funeral.

So... here goes-

NIGHT OWL DAVE (My new nickname for him) shot me an e-mail asking me how late I worked. I was up and had just gotten home from a concert, so my reply was, "Oh, till whenever I don't" lol.

We set up a meeting in a half an hour from that time and he came over.

I was just a little nervous and that is very rare for me, but this is DAVE we are talking about.
The slight nervousness passed with the first hug.

We cuddled, we chatted, we touched and he tried a really great position that hit me oh-so-right.Smile

I had a very wonderful time with him and I am honored to have been able to spend time with him.

I have been planning to become a Reiki master (I cannot even say it yet, ha ha) and since feeling Dave's touch, I plan to then learn more about Esalen and love touch massage.

I will then offer that service and continue my current services as well, either combined or separately. I am not sure how I will line it all up yet, but I CAN tell you that the massage and Reiki will probably be around 30% less an hour than my current rates.

KUDOS to all you gentlemen who want more than just "sex" from a lady and realize that there is so much more to life!

With love and respect,

Promoting Intimacy and Positive Sexuality with honesty and integrity
Esalen massage - integrating with one another in love -"heartfelt touch"
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04-04-2009, 07:38 PM (This post was last modified: 04-04-2009 07:40 PM by davephx.)
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RE: Dave's Adventure Seeking Intimacy in Phoenix Fri Night
Related Announcement from Cheyenna:

Hello Gentlemen!

I would like to offer something that is different than what I usually do.

Since my visit with "NIGHT OWL DAVE", (see review) I realized how very wonderful touch is. Touch is ALWAYS included in time with me, but I add to it a lot.

Maybe some of you are hesitant because all you really want is time touching and cuddling and a little pillow talk. I really never thought about it before and always assumed that there would always be the additional services desired.

As I said in my review, I really have been planning to become a Reiki master (I cannot even say it yet, ha ha) and since feeling Dave's touch, I definitely intend to then learn more about Esalen and love touch massage.

In the meantime, I would love to practice a little, but of course I am in no means claiming to know how to do any specific massage, I just love to touch! I KNOW I have the gift of healing, but I do want to learn to channel it before I do anything in that realm.

So my offer is:
Allow me to massage you, touch you, spend time with you, no matter WHAT the "ending" it will always be great!
125.00 for 45 unrushed minutes.

Promoting Intimacy and Positive Sexuality with honesty and integrity
Esalen massage - integrating with one another in love -"heartfelt touch"
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04-05-2009, 04:03 PM
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RE: Dave's Adventure Seeking Intimacy in Phoenix Fri Night
Another reports on Michelle in Mesa:

No your write (right) Dave talked to her on the Phone twice told her i was coming from far far west vally went all the way over to the east vally got to her location called her no answer tryed again nothing what a waste of my time and gas if any one wants to complain about no shows here is a fine example

Promoting Intimacy and Positive Sexuality with honesty and integrity
Esalen massage - integrating with one another in love -"heartfelt touch"
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04-05-2009, 04:58 PM
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RE: Dave's Adventure Seeking Intimacy in Phoenix Fri Night
Stevi Secret Responds
Yeah, I new about the new guy. He's been in touch with me about some things. He seems like an okay guy. I think most of the remodel had been done by the guys that bought it from me.

Thanks for the write-up, it's nice to know I'm missed! (smile)

If anyone asks about me, please let them know mt site is back online and that I have movies online at . Thanks again,
Stevi Secret

Promoting Intimacy and Positive Sexuality with honesty and integrity
Esalen massage - integrating with one another in love -"heartfelt touch"
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