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I have decided to retire as an escort.
08-01-2011, 01:08 PM
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Heart RE: I have decided to retire as an escort.
Hi Ms. Jenna,

we've never met or conversed in any way. My name is 1 Hot Heather. I started this a year ago and i love it.....most of the time. Although i was a dancer for 13 years...that was hard to end...financially...and i too was a single mom...she's twentysomething !! now....i know it was hard to admit to myself that at 30 i wastoo old to dance anymore...i went to college and got my bachelors and still struggled...i will hate to end what i do now...and i hope i end it like you are yours....with much class and dignity....all the best wishes in the world for ya girl...Heart


(07-03-2011 02:01 PM)Jenna Purr Wrote:  Dave, please post an announcement on your next newsletter.

Apparently, I've met my match. Really. My ass is totally whipped. (LOL)

I was very happy as an escort and never thought I would want to retire from the business but I have found a whole different level of happiness now and I just have no desire to be with other men anymore.

At this time, I am still available via email and you might still see me posting on various forums for a while, at least.

Many of my clients, I have formed friendships with, and you are all still welcome to contact me but please have respect for my wishes and this new chapter in my life, and know beforehand that any relationship from here on out would be on a strictly platonic basis.

No pay, No play, really I am not interested and offers of that nature will only offend me.... but I will always be a friend to those of you who are still interested in that part of me and the guy I'm with is willing to accept that.

Thank all of you very much for what was, until now, the happiest time of my life, you all played a part in making so many previously impossible things for me, possible. Most importantly, you gave a child his mother. I was able to chaperone field trips, attend school events, forge relationships with his teachers, drive him and his big ass musical instrument (string bass) back and forth to school. Before I was an escort, he woke up in an empty apartment, he had to make himself breakfast, get ready for school and ride the bus. By the time I got home from work, it was almost bed-time, I was exhausted, cranky from rush-hour traffic, and always stressed-out because of my financial situation, even though I had a bachelor's degree and a full time job with maricopa county superior court.

I started escorting at night, while I was employed by the county. A decision I made out of financial desperation, because according to the county I made too much money to qualify for daycare assistance, and even though my paycheck didn't cover our basic living expenses, I just wasn't willing to share our home for the purposes of splitting the expenses with anyone.

Soon after I began escorting, I quit my county job.

You gave us trips to Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farms, Laughlin, and the beach. He got to play sports, be in the school band, chess club, attend and participate in racing events and now he's got a college fund to cover, at the very least, 2 years at a school of his choice.

Anyone who has a problem with that, can f*ck all the way off, right out of their unwanted and unneeded judgement of my life, and go back and worry about their own miserable existence because if they were happy, they wouldn't have a need to judge other people's lives.

I actually regret the time I wasted being a slave to the county, time that I wasn't able to be a mother and escorting had given me something that I never had before, which was so much more valuable than money.

Time. Free time. Precious time.
I used it for good things, I think.

Regardless of what other people think, I won't be feeling any shame.
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