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Update - Asst Elementary School Principal Escort
09-01-2009, 11:38 AM
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RE: Update - Asst Elementary School Principal Escort
Yes Dave,...that article or fantasy YOU wrote about some months ago regarding the homeless (which you alleged) gal that your roommate or house guest brought to your home. The whole diatribe about which of you would jump her bones first was sickening. You claim she stole money from one of you... but the whole description of you sizing her up and trying to get her on the massage table was lecherous indeed.

And yes again, go back in look in YOUR archives for YOU posted this about Canadian gals rates. You went into a litany of bullshit about Canada for two or three days last year on the ASP board about Canada. Maybe that is where you brought up the $40 rate. I'm far from stupid and crazy in a good way and I know what I read written by YOUR hand so get off your cloud of bullshit.

Providers should not have to request reveiws from you but should have access to them as they are published. By making a provider have to come to you and ask for a review, you exercise control again in a situation where you shouldn't have any. Again you are making yourself the end all and be all by being the only conduit to which a provider may gain access to what is written about her. Imagine if a restaurant manager had to go to the Chief Editor of the newspaper or magazine where the restaurants review was published and meanwhile the whole community of patrons were able to read it. That would chap my hide if it were my restaurant and by analogy perhaps you can see how unfair it is.

I didn't swear Dave...even that doesn;t seem to get through to you about just how offensive what you write can be. These are not made up fantasies but items that YOU wrote and published. Can you be that far gone that you don't recall what you publish? Do you remember ANY of the tactless posts you put on your rival board last year ? Most of the providers on there nearly blew a gasket when you went on your litany about how American and moreover, valley providers simply couldnt compare to the thin Canadian ones who charged ... and I believe it was a ridiculous amount like, $40.

I have talent as a writer with many years experience in successful grant and RFP writing. Currently I provide freelance writing services of all kinds and am working on a novel. If you can't understand what I am clearly saying then you have some problems. Your newsletter could be a good one and possibly even a great one, but over and over you demonstrate an attitude of condescention towards providers while maintaining that you are the worlds biggest advocate of providers and that, my friend, is the worst kind of sabatoge a group can encounter. It reminds me of the imperialistic attitude taken by invading missionaries when dealing with native peoples they were out to dominate and exploit. Have you EVER considered having a few providers give input to see if you really were understanding the issues? No... because we are the "people like you" group,,,,, the very ones whom without your newsletter would have no reason to exist ....

Proud to be a people like me!
get a clue Dave
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