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Update - Asst Elementary School Principal Escort
09-01-2009, 12:27 AM
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RE: Update - Asst Elementary School Principal Escort
Oh boy how silly.

homeless gal ??? I have no clue what your fantasying about.

$40 rate in Canada - what on earth are you dreaming about. I pay
around $200/hr in Canada. I would pay that in Phoenix for similar
type of gal but anyone I'd me interested in is higher cost. I am not
that desperate and prefer more the intimacy type of gal not pure sex.

I often send providers their reviews if requested.

You make no sense. You attack, swear and make up things it seems.
What homeless gal???? What date list??? Hard to discuss when I have
no clue what your talking about.

I even have run a search of prior issues on "homeless" and don't find
anything I said that you could be referring to. Whats the $40 reference????

I am very happy to discuss with anyone any real issue but not made up

Promoting Intimacy and Positive Sexuality with honesty and integrity
Esalen massage - integrating with one another in love -"heartfelt touch"
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