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Update - Asst Elementary School Principal Escort
08-30-2009, 04:57 PM
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Update - Asst Elementary School Principal Escort
Update - Asst Elementary School Principal Escort
12 News 8/27 reports that "Taya Taylor" has now moved from Tempe where she was fired is part timee in LA and 10pm news shows here Twitter page saying how loving L.A. and "if you google me I have the scarlet letter in my small suburban community (referring to prior Tempe) What a baaaad girl I must be"

She also says "Loving LA. I need to live here! I feel right at home here, so who knows Taya Taylor may bet at least a part-time LA resident Smile" That post shown on 10pm Chan 12 News.

Her website is now back up at with nice pictures. I especially like her face shot at

Regarding 12 News she says on Twitter: "Melissa Blasius 12 News has been to the house SOOOO many times... Do you think she may be interested in a second job ?? Why the obsession?"

She loves the publicity and feels its empowering.

Her Twitter page is

She obviously has to be very careful and has bad language (GFE) which has resulted in soliciation convictions in Phoenix. Her rate as before is $450/hr

NBC National coverage:
School's Out for Escort Principal
By day she was Annette Gray O'Leary, Arizona school assistant principal. By night she was Taya Taylor, escort. Video same as on local TV a few weeks ago at

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