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TER - Lux Verify Reported Fraud - davephx - 08-22-2015 02:04 AM

TER - Lux Verify Reported Fraud
TER has a notice "Hey Providers" for them to download "the industries 1st client screening & verification ass, FREE!

On 6/11/2015, there is a you tube video showing and uploaders comments, "I've been verified 3 times all with fake information about myself, employment, and girls. Each and every time i was able to be approved as long as I paid. They didn't check or verify anything. See the video as I show you each step as Lux Verify defrauds everyone."

Lux Verify appears also to be sold for dating reference checks for a fee vs TER for free so there must be some motive of TER to promote it!

This app is a useful tool for the casual dater looking to verify a potential date. Verification is 100% discreet. Get verified and share your unique Lux Verify ID Code to pre-screen other members or verify your identity without ever compromising your privacy. Casual daters can now enjoy the peace of mind that comes with this enhanced level of verification.

Download the LuxVerify App free from the Goggle play store and choose one of the private verification memberships. LuxVerify offers two discreet verification memberships. Select the monthly subscription for $14.99 or the annual subscription for $149.99.

The app was created by GAME 40 SM LLC which is located per D&B and other records at 6712 E Cheney Dr., Paradise Valley. This is a 11,300 sq foot home. A one-of-a-kind 11,300-square-foot Edward Chavez signature contemporary showplace that was featured on HGTV's Celebrity Homes again! (per Zillow). Last purchased in 2013 for $2.5 million and currently is valued at $4.1 million by Zillow. It is sometimes rented for $15k-30k per month per Zillow. It is owned according to the tax records by S Development Company - a large real estate company, which owns another nearby property at 6402 E Cheney Dr. which is only valued at $989k. The 6402 address is also the address of the owner of "S" Pat Simone according to Arizona Corporate records.

Game 40 is not registered in Arizona. Other records (buzzfile) show it has one employee, the principal Larry Scaringelli. I have no idea the connection with TER other than it wrote the application that is a reported fraud.

At the same 6712 address conciergeauctions shows it sold for $2.8 million as "Kurt Warner Phoenix Home" but with not date. The site has beautiful pictures including a HUGE massage room and massage table at

The rental use was probably before the 2013 sale. A leasing site with great pictures shows it sold at